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Tablet Coater BFC

L.B. Bohle is a leader in the development and production of tablet coaters for the pharmaceutical industry. The BFC tablet coater is the high-end version of the tablet coaters and is characterized by best production results, high speed and optimal use of resources.

With the BFC tablet coater, your production is not only more flexible and faster, but also more resource-efficient with the best uniformity.

With optimized ergonomics, user-friendliness and safety, complemented by a groundbreaking design, the BFC tablet coater sets the standard in tablet coating.

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Process and Functionality

The new BFC tablet coater guarantees fast and effective tablet coating. The ideal combination of proven elements, modifications and innovations offers the user the basis for optimal results.

All L.B. Bohle tablet coaters guarantee a first-class process with high economic efficiency. The flat tablet bed in the long coating drum as well as the infinitely variable adjustment of the angle of inclination ensure optimum tablet movement. The systematic forced guidance in the drum ensures continuous movement of the tablets - twinning does not occur. Solid and coating losses are low.

Minimal suspension losses

Novel process and cleaning concepts improve the functionality and operation of the tablet coater and lead to excellent results. The air guidance system offers clear process advantages. There is no risk of spray drying of the suspension. This reduces spray losses and improves the structure of the coating.

The drum geometry in combination with the mixing and conveying elements ensures gentle treatment of the tablets. By changing the direction of rotation of the bowl and adjusting the inclination, the tablets can be discharged quickly, completely and without internals.

Tablet coater

Advantages of the BFC Tablet Coater

  • Best coating uniformity RSD < 3%; for colored coatings deltaE <0.5
  • Minimal spray losses <5
  • Up to 40% reduction in process time compared to conventional coaters
  • Highest flexibility: 10-100% fill level/drum loading
  • Optimized fully automatic cleaning results in shorter cleaning cycles
  • Highly sustainable due to
    - Integrated energy monitoring
    - Heat recovery in the ventilation system


Production Process

Optimized mixing and airflow during the coating process:

  • Reduction of the coating time
  • Low consumption of coating suspension. Homogeneous tablet coating already after 1.5 - 2 % mass increase.
  • Reduction of required energy due to large heat and mass transfer surface.

Operation and Safety

In particular, L.B. Bohle has implemented user suggestions in the new plant. The side-door opening and closing is now supported by pneumatic cylinders, so that less force is required. The air supply shoes are separated, which means a significant reduction in weight and easier handling.

Safety aspects have also been taken into account. Inflatable seals are now standard. Fully automatic sampling and loading of tablets with the door closed increases operator safety.

The control panel has been redesigned in a hygienic style, and a status light embedded in the front of the machine supports process monitoring.

Control system

The iFix application allows monitoring and control of the processes. iFix provides the necessary elements for operation as an HMI (Human Machine Interface). In addition, important data such as long-term data storage of measured values, alarms and messages as well as data interfaces to external systems and recipe management are recorded.


  • Efficient cleaning with high pressure lance and recirculation
  • Reduce cleaning time
  • Reduce water, detergent and energy consumption
  • Quick and residue-free cleaning
Tablet coater



Minimize energy consumption


Optional heat recovery in the ventilation system


Energy monitoring for power supply provides an overview of your process and consumption

BFC 400

Types / Sizes

We offer our tablet coaters in various sizes and technical designs.

You can download the product brochure for coating with the BFC film coater here:

Download Product Brochure

The following list provides a quick overview and comparison of our different tablet coaters for your tablet coating needs.

Bohle Film Coater BFC 100 BFC 200 BFC 400 BFC 600
Batch size (brim volume) [L] 16 - 160 30 - 300 65 - 650 98 - 980
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