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Fast, precise, flexible and sustainable - With the latest generation of the BFC tablet coater, L.B. Bohle offers not only a technically leading tablet coater, but also a film coater with an outstanding design.

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Premium technology meets cutting-edge design

Our New BFC Tablet Coater

For more than two decades, our tablet coaters have been a success and a technology leader in the marketplace. The new generation of tablet coaters combines technology and design in an unprecedented way. Completely redesigned and with numerous technical improvements, the tablet coater sets new standards in tablet coating.

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Highest Flexibility and Best Coating Results

When it comes to fast, flexible, trouble-free and efficient tablet coating, the BFC series of tablet coaters is setting new standards worldwide.

Compared to conventional short-drum tablet coaters (L/D ratio <1), L.B. Bohle tablet coaters achieve up to 40% shorter process times due to the extended coating drum and higher spray rates.

The BFC tablet coaters offer the user maximum flexibility, allowing batches with a filling volume of 10-100% of the drum size.

With a coating uniformity of RSD < 3% and for colored coatings deltaE <0.5, the BFC coaters achieve the best results.

Tablet Coating - Why?

Tablet Coating - Why?

Tablets are coated for a variety of reasons. Tablets are often coated to modify the release of the active ingredient, to protect the active ingredient from light or moisture, or to mask a bitter taste in the tablet formulation. Tablets are also coated to improve swallowability. Coating of active ingredients is becoming increasingly important. This applies to combination products as well as to the combination of two incompatible active ingredients in one dosage form.

Tablet Coating - The Process



The optimized drum geometry of the L.B. Bohle BFC tablet coater creates a large spray area in the moving tablet bed. This allows more spray nozzles to be used than with shorter drums, resulting in a larger total spray area and higher spray throughput. In addition to the coating suspension, nozzle type, number of nozzles and nozzle spacing are important.



Uniform and, above all, gentle movement of the tablet cores under the spray guns is crucial: the tablet cores must not be subjected to excessive mechanical stress to avoid damage.

L.B. Bohle successfully uses an extended coating drum (length diameter (L/D) > 1) with mixing spirals. The mixing spirals ensure continuous and gentle mixing of the tablet bed. Homogeneous mixing is achieved after only a few minutes and is maintained throughout the process. The flat tablet bed reduces the melt pressure in the tablet bed. Due to the continuous guidance of the mixing spirals, the tablets are not strongly accelerated. Tablet breakage and twinning do not occur.



The key is to ensure optimal energy and mass transfer. This means that the energy must be introduced directly into the tablet bed. The air flows directly and quietly into the tablet bed and effectively ensures rapid drying of the sprayed suspension. The periphery of the coater or the housing is not heated.

Optimal air guidance produces a smooth spray pattern, which reduces the spray drying effect. Spray nozzles are not hit by the supply air stream and remain cool during the spraying process. This minimizes spray drying effects and achieves coating uniformity of >97% and better.

Coating of Tablets in the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Industry

Tablets are the most important oral dosage form in the pharmaceutical industry and are often coated. Coating involves applying a thin film of one or more polymers and other functional excipients (colorants or humectants) to the tablet, which can perform a variety of functions.

In both the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, efficient and flexible coating applications are required to meet stringent compliance and drug safety requirements.



Reasons for tablet coating:

- Colour masking
- As protection against, light, oxygen or moisture
- Delayed release of active ingredient; gastric juice resistance
- Taste masking
- Odour masking
- Improved swallowability

Whether it is a best-selling pharmaceutical product with high volumes or batches of tablets with low volumes, L.B. Bohle has the right machine to guarantee optimum results.